Cosmetic Tooth Contouring Before
Cosmetic Tooth Contouring After

A tooth contouring procedure can greatly improve the appearance of a tooth that has chips, cracks, or even one that is misshapen or looks different from the rest of the other natural teeth. The tooth contouring or tooth reshaping treatment can make your smile look a lot more natural, and a lot more uniform (with regards to the rest of the teeth).

Aside from the obvious improvement in appearance, a tooth contouring procedure can also bring about improvements in the way the teeth can be cleaned and properly taken care of. For example - a misshapen tooth that has been hard to clean because of an irregular shape or appearance can then be easily cleaned when its shape has been improved through the tooth contouring treatment; this results to much improved dental health, as you will be able to clean your teeth without any problems and you will in turn be able to fight cavities and gum problems without having to worry about a single misshapen tooth.

A tooth contouring procedure can also provide solutions to minor problems regarding the bite, which may be caused by how a tooth (or several teeth) are shaped or positioned. A small overlap involving a tooth or several teeth can be corrected with a tooth contouring procedure, leading to better biting capabilities - and even better speech function.

There is no pain associated with a tooth contouring procedure, since only the tooth's surface enamel will be worked on or removed. There will be no need for an anaesthetic for this treatment, and only minor tooth sensitivities (to hot or cold temperatures) may be felt within a few days after the treatment - but this effect will go away easily as well.

Recovery time: Immediately.