Breast Augmentation Before
Breast Augmentation After

There are many breast implants on the market today, in many sizes and shapes. The most popular are saline, silicone gel and cohesive gel implants. Depending on your own preferences, anatomy, and lifestyle, you and your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the different implants. Remember that the recommendations of your surgeon will help you determine which is best for you.

The procedure involves the creation of a small incision either under the breast crease, in the darker area of the areola, or less frequently, in the armpit. An even newer technique is the transumbilical incision, which is made in the navel and sometimes an endoscope is used to assist in making the pocket for the implant. The addition of the implant includes lifting the breast tissue and creating a pocket for insertion of the implant, either over or under the pectoralis muscle. The implant itself is then inserted behind the breast to create size, volume and shape.This process can take up to three to four hours, and varies by the type of procedure your doctor has chosen.

Recovery time: Non-strenuous activity can be resumed after 5-7 days and strenuous activity after 6 weeks.