Service provider FAQs

It's as easy as showcasing the QR code we supply for your clinic or business. From there, you can leave everything to us. Your clients can effortlessly scan the QR code and complete the entire application online. Once the loan process is successfully finalized, we promptly deliver the payment directly to you.

Medicard lets you offer budget-friendly, monthly payment solutions to your patients and clients, helping them afford your services and driving up your sales – all without any costs for you!

All paperwork related to the financing process is handled by the borrower and Medicard. We let you focus on what you do best. Once the process is complete, you will receive the "Financing Confirmation & Funds Request" form by email, outlining the amount financed and the date of payment. That's all!

Our loan amounts start from $500 and can go up to $25,000.

Patients and customers have the capability to self-submit their online application in roughly 5 minutes. Financing approval is instant once the form is filled out and submitted. No more waiting!

Simply indicate to us when you would like payment and Medicard will accommodate you up to four weeks prior to the procedure.

After your registration is complete, Medicard will send brochures to offer to your clients. Additionally, you will be provided with a unique QR code that your patients can scan to apply online directly.

You may also have your practice or business profile on our website.

Simply fill out our online registration form or call 1‑888‑689‑9876 to contact our onboarding team.

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No down payment
No collateral
Competitive interest rates
Flexible terms from 12 to 72 months
No early payment penalties
Financing available for up to $25,000

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