Plastic Surgery Alberta - Dr Feng Chong

Plastic Surgery Alberta - Dr Feng Chong

Dr Feng Chong

About Our Practice

  • With a belief that cosmetic and plastic surgery demands both technical prowess and artistic vision, Dr. Chong and his team bring together expertise, experience, and a touch of innate talent to execute successful procedures for breast, tummy, body, and facial enhancement.
  • Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Dr. Chong leads a renowned practice dedicated to ensuring your transformation is not only successful but tailored to your individual needs. We prioritize your comfort and understanding throughout every step of the cosmetic and plastic surgical journey.

A Message from Plastic Surgery Alberta - Dr Feng Chong

Dr. Chong's reputation extends far beyond his exceptional surgical skills; it's his approachable demeanor and genuine care for his patients that truly sets him apart. With a charismatic personality, Dr. Chong has garnered a diverse clientele, ranging from public figures to fellow healthcare professionals. He values each patient immensely and emphasizes the importance of accessibility throughout the entire surgical journey.

Specializing in a range of cosmetic procedures, including breast, abdomen, body, and facial surgery, Dr. Chong is renowned for his expertise in "Mommy Makeovers." This comprehensive procedure, which includes breast lift/implants, tummy tucks, and liposuction, is performed with the utmost safety and precision, reflecting Dr. Chong's commitment to delivering outstanding results while prioritizing patient well-being.

At our practice, we understand that everyone has a unique vision of their ideal self. That's why we prioritize extensive preoperative consultations and, equally importantly, comprehensive follow-up care. We're committed to being with you every step of the way in your transformation journey, from inception to completion. Our goal isn't just to perform procedures; it's to be an integral part of your journey towards realizing your aesthetic goals.

Most Popular Procedures

Mommy makeover, Breast augmentation, Breast lift (mastopexy), Gynecomastia, Arm lift (brachioplasty), mini arm lift, tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), mini tummy tuck, Labiaplasty, Liposuction, Liposculpture, Medial Thigh Lift, Fat Grafting


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About Plastic Surgery Alberta - Dr Feng Chong

Dr. Chong's practice at the Alberta Surgical Centre (ASC) offers patients the assurance of safety, quality, and excellence in surgical care. As the Chief of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Chong performs all his cosmetic surgical procedures at this renowned facility. The ASC boasts a longstanding reputation as one of the largest and most reputable non-hospital surgical facilities in Alberta.


  • Dr. Chong's journey to becoming a leading cosmetic and plastic surgeon began with recognition of his talent during medical school at the University of Alberta, where he was honored with the esteemed H. H. Hepburn Award, recognizing his potential as a future surgeon. Building on this foundation, Dr. Chong pursued advanced training and practice opportunities, including stints at the University of Washington in Seattle and the University of Toronto.
  • A pivotal moment in his career came with the completion of a Plastic & Cosmetic Fellowship under the mentorship of world-renowned surgeon Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn. This experience further honed Dr. Chong's surgical skills and solidified his commitment to excellence in cosmetic and plastic surgery.
  • Dr. Chong's professional affiliations underscore his commitment to the highest standards of surgical practice. As a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (FRCSC) and a member of prestigious organizations such as the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Alberta Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Alberta Medical Association, and the Canadian Medical Association, he upholds rigorous professional standards.
  • Additionally, Dr. Chong maintains close ties with academia through his role as a Clinical Lecturer with the University of Alberta. In his capacity as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Alberta Surgical Centre, he continues to advance excellence in surgical care and patient outcomes.


  • Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (FRCSC)
  • Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Alberta Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Alberta Medical Association
  • Canadian Medical Association

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